Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Point 5 Failure

Yesterday I posted an entry about Monday’s Salt Lake Tribune article which suggested that the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” would be good for both the LDS church, and LDS presedential candidates. Yesterday a new article was published in the Salt Lake Tribune that whined on about some of the same persecution points developed in Monday’s article.

It was in the regular Peggy Fletcher Stack and Kristen Moulton “Following Faith” column. In it they present LDS blogger Jana Riess’s five conversational clues to tell when someone is anti-Mormon.

1.You claim that a religion is inherently violent or dangerous, much like many American Christians say about Islam and some say about Mormonism.

2. You claim that the religion has deviant or illicit sexual practices — as people said about Mormons even after the LDS Church abandoned polygamy.

3. You choose its more esoteric or odd-sounding beliefs to represent the whole tradition as in statements about the LDS belief that the Garden of Eden is in Missouri or that God lives on a planet called Kolob.

4. You place it outside your culture’s dominant history as in the way Nazis “distinguished between 'good Aryans' and the 'dirty Jews' who had turned everything wrong for Germany in the interwar years."

5. You suggest that its people are less moral than you are, or unfit for full rights in society.

The last point is, for Riess, “the most damaging.”

Many Mormons hold with the idea presented by Mitt Romney that: “Freedom requires religion”. Since Freedom is a big placeholder in the “full rights in society” section of American culture I think Mormons show a big point 5 failure. What Mormons object to is the more specific statement that freedom might require a specific non-Mormon religion.

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