Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I’ve been spending much of this blog’s bandwidth on the Hugo awards this year. I have provided history, and opinion. I have written multiple reviews of the nominated works. I have turned myself into a critic. I think I’ve been a delightfully snarky and insightful critic, but a critic nonetheless.

I am not a big fan of critics. They are too removed from the process of creation. I don’t feel like I have made anything new by being a Hugo critic. No new synthesis, not critical observation, jokes are derivative of the works they mock; I don’t like it.

I have decided to create something more extensive than a blog post. I am going to write a novella. It will be a science fiction novella, and I will use the NANOWRIMO contest to provide a bit of monitoring of my effort so that I stay more focused than my own devices allow.

This means I will not be posting for a bit. I may get one or two posts off, but my attention will be focused on getting the novella written, and then edited. I am more afraid of the editing as I am a lousy editor; you all know that if you have read many of my posts.