Sunday, June 5, 2011

Divine Pitcher Assembly

In this second part of the Magic Blender disassembly I will be tackling the DPA. The DPA has only one sub-assembly that requires disassembling; that is the Magic Basket (MB).

A saw and pliers made quick work of the MB.

Once opened the contents of the MB spilled out.

I was able to pull out five different kind of magic material from the MB.

There were four different colors of magic beads, and a gravel-like material that looked like bits of shell and coral.

The black beads probably contain ferrous material, as they are attracted to magnets.

The brown and tan bead appear to be some sort of ceramic.

That the MB contains a mixture of materials suggests that each component is designed to impart a special attribute to the magically altered water.  The next step will be dissecting the magical claims, and ascribing sets of them to each of the materials isolated from the MB.  

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