Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dick and Dan

Four years ago Richard Wagner Jones was re-baptized into the Mormon Church. This was just three years after his 10 year probation ended. His probation started when he finished serving his five year sentence in prison. His five year prison term, and his excommunication from the Mormon Church, began in 1990 as a result of his felony conviction for second-degree sexual abuse of an 8-year-old girl. Now Dick is on the November 6th ballot hoping to fill one of the three positions on the Granite School Board.

Dick sometimes goes by the name of Rickard Wagoner. This is a great name for politics in Utah as it sounds like it has something to do with covered wagons.

Photo of Richard Wagner Jones from the Utah Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry

Dick is still a registered sex offender, and will need special permission to visit elementary and middle schools in the school district even if he is elected.

Dick sometimes goes by the name Rick Oliver Kidd. I would not think “Kidd” would be the best alias for a convicted child abuser.

The Granite School District is a suburban district just north of the Canyons School District

Dick is running against Dan Lofgren. Dan is the President, CEO, and founder of Cowboy Partners and Cowboy Properties ; a real estate development firm. Dan is also chairman of the Board of Trustees of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). The SITLA is a uniquely Utahn entity. It controls the sale, use, and collection of revenues from land set aside to generate income for Utah schools. It makes perfect sense to have an active real estate developer running it; doesn’t it?

In other words Dick and Dan are two alleged rapists running against each other so they can be in charge of what they potentially desire that the Utah school system has.

Candidates for the other two Granite school board positions are running unopposed.

Dick has not run from his past; in fact he has spoken to groups about protection from sexual abuse. He explains “that those who are sex offenders are not mentally ill, they are people with serious thinking errors.".

Prior to the conviction for sexual abuse of a child Dick was in the elders quorum presidency of his local Mormon Church. This gave him access to many young children, and may be where he identified his victim.

Dick’s face has been splattered all over the news due to his sordid past. At least one new alleged victim has come forward after seeing his face on the news. This woman, who is now in her mid 40s, claims that when she was just a 14 year old girl from a troubled home she was sent to live with Dick (who was 37 at the time).

"I was pretty much Dick Jones' slave, sex slave, pimped out to his business partners and associates." – Anonymous alleged victim of Dick Jones.

She allegedly ran away, and told case workers about her virtual imprisonment, but nobody believed her. The allegations were apparently not brought out when Dick was convicted of sexual abuse of another younger child a few years later.

Dick wants people to realize that he has paid his debt to society, and focus on the issues instead of his personal baggage.


Anonymous said...

most places they wouldn't be allowed near a school board. But, hey. Says a lot doesn't it?

adult onset atheist said...

The official word was that he was able to "clear every legal hurdle" needed to run for office. In three years he will no longer be a registered sex offender. Perhaps he will become a principal?