Friday, October 26, 2012

Cue Balls

If you believe the information that ignites the main-stream media you have recently found out that over a month ago our vice president said something inappropriate to a grieving father at an official memorial service. The grieving father was Charles Woods who was the father of Tyrone Woods.  Tyrone was one of the two ex-Navy SEALS killed while trying to protect ambassador Stevens when the Benghazi consulate in Libya was attacked on September 11th.

In a recorded telephone interview Charles Woods clearly recalls that Vice President Biden asked him “in a loud and boisterous voice”: "Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?"

Charles apparently called up both the Lars Larsen and Glenn Beck shows to break the silence on this.

However, there was no silence to break. The repatriation ceremony Charles talks about took place at Andrew’s air force base on the 14th of September, and was filmed. Joe Biden was not alone in meeting with the families. Also in attendance were the POTUS Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Panetta, former Secretary of State Powell, Senator McCain, and other dignitaries. There was also the usual horde of taggers-on that each of these dignitaries enjoys.

Nobody besides Charles caught the vice-president’s “Balls the size of cueballs” question. Once Charles brought it up there were hordes of commentators tripping over each other just to mention it so it was obviously not missed due to it being dismissible. The cueball comment was even mentioned on “the View”.

It is also bizarre that even the rest of Tyrone’s family missed Biden’s “Loud and boisterous” comments. In fact Tyrone’s mother (Cheryl Croft Bennett) described the repatriation ceremony soon after it took place. She described the ceremony honoring the death of her son on her FaceBook page:

'The entire afternoon was overpowering … Little did I know that I would find myself in a reception room being comforted, hugged, and, yes, even kissed by the President of the United States. Along with the President, there was Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and General and Mrs Colin Powell. They were all wonderful. They held my hand, offered condolences, gave warm hugs, and were extremely compassionate and genuinely sad for my loss, as I fought back tears and tried to project an image of strength to honor my SEAL son.' -- Cheryl Croft Bennett

So everybody missed this very interesting and inappropriate “loud and boisterous” comment made at an official function except Charles, and Charles did not think it worthwhile to talk about it till the memory of the function had cooled. All the fresh recollections of the function missed it. Of course it is more likely that the recollection is piqued more by the proximity of November 6th than September 14th.

This sounds like Karl Rove type bullcrap. People say Kerry was "Swiftboated" perhaps we will soon be saying that Obama was "Cueballed".  Instead of rubbing the nations face in it reporters should be asking how deep the pit of crap is.

The cueball revelation coincides with an analysis of Romney’s stump speeches that shows Mitt has dropped mention of Libya from them. Mitt stops talking about Libya as the underbelly of his campaign starts talking about Libyan Cueballs.  It is as if there is a coordinated plan to erect a firewall between the candidate and any backlash that might occur as the veracity of the crass cueball comment came under scrutiny.

How do we even know that the comments were made by Charles Woods. Even FOX news has only reported the comments second-hand, but Charles was able to call at least two radio stations. I know firsthand that Fox news can have a newsvan out in front of someone’s house in a matter of minutes. How did they not catch Charles on camera telling the world this story face-to-face? It is exactly what Fox would love to show, and they have had an entire day to get it without result.

I think it is reasonable to suggest that it was not Charles Woods making those comments on the radio. It is easy to believe that the likes of Glenn Beck would rather air the cueball statement than check it out. Perhaps even Fox news had too much integrity to air the statement as if it was one that had been responsibly sourced.

What does it do to the families who have lost their loved ones to rub crap into their grieving process? Even if it was Charles Woods on the phone what level of respect does it show to his ex-wife and the rest of there son’s family to invent such a politically motivated untruth about the vice-president making testicle jokes at a somber ceremony?

Whoever was pretending to be Charles Woods must have balls the size of cueballs to make this up.

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