Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

I don’t think a single candidate I voted for won last night’s elections. I did not expect them to win; though it would have been nice if my presidential candidate had gotten at least 1% of the popular vote.  Despite this overwhelming loss I’m happy the way things turned out in many of the elections.

If Florida is not decided in the next year could we just carry over the votes to the 2014 elections?

Some of my co-workers are physically ill at the result from the re-election of Barak Obama. One man ushered me out of his office after tears welled up in his eyed when he mentioned that Mitt Romeny lost. It was as if saying it suddenly made it real to him.

It looks like Romney carried Utah by less than a three-to-one margin [73% Romney 25% Obama]. There must be a major liberal wave washing over Utah.

The communists-taking-over-everyone-looses-there-jobs-mandatory-gay marriage rhetoric will surely subside as Thursday dawns without a zombie apocalypse. Several people have pointed out that the world will be ending just before Christmas anyway. I almost wish it were legal to hand out emergency Prozac just to help everyone through this apparently rough stretch of life.

There were two races I had mentioned earlier. Neither of the two candidates I mentioned won.

There is no Love in congress; at least not from Utah. Though Mia Love may not have been the African-American statesman that Allan West was she was able to get millions of dollars to finance her campaign for congress. I hope people simply wondered what the mayor of a tiny outer-burbia town would bring to Washington. Her failed campaign cost more than the operating budget of her town.

Dick Jones lost his bid for Granite School Board 1 by about the same margin Obama lost the Utah’s Electoral College votes. I kinda wonder how anyone could cast a vote for him. Perhaps they had a bottle of Purell in their pocket?

I am happy about outcomes in the rest of the nation. However, I wonder if more contests would have gone favorably if I had published a set of endorsements. I will have to think about that for 2016; assuming the world and this blog are still around then.

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