Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Human Beans

The Mormon Church and I have a lot in common.

  1. We both have a rapidly aging white guy in charge.
  2. We both think there is intelligent life on other planets.
  3. We both really like Utah.
  4. And most demonstrably we both really like numbers; though perhaps I don’t like numbers to the precision that the LDS Church does. Just look at some of these stats (31 December 2010):

Worldwide membership: 14,131,467 [0.2% of world population]

They know the numbers of members down to the very last soul. That is some awesome accounting!

US Membership: 6,144,582 [1.7% of US population]

Utah Membership: 1,910,343 [69.5 % of Utah population]

That’s a lot of Mormons in Utah. The state with the next largest number of Mormons is California.

California Membership: 763,370 [2% of California’s population]

The concentration in Utah is astounding. The state with the next highest concentration of Mormons is Idaho.

Idaho Membership: 414,182 [26.1% of Idaho’s population]

Together those three states contain a smidgen over 50% of the US LDS population, and almost 22% of the world’s Mormon population.

The country with the next-largest Mormon population is Mexico.

Mexico Membership: 1,234,545 [1% of Mexican population]

They really need to get another 22 members in Mexico. That way they could have 1234567 members there; how cool would that be?

To get large concentrations of Mormons one has to travel to the island paradise nations of the pacific. The tiny nation of Tonga has an incredible concentration of Mormons.

Tonga Membership: 58,805 [56.5% of Tonga’s population]

Tonga is the most Mormon country on the planet. The concentration is made even more amazing when you add the number of Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga [41%], Catholic [17%], Church of Tonga and Tokaikolo [10%] together. Tonga is apparently a very religious country. Is it any wonder that in the 2006 Tongan census only 28 people total stated that they had no religious affiliation?

That is some impressive bean counting; human beans.

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