Monday, May 2, 2011

CIS Brainwave

"And light: it seems as though it suspends in the air. It moves." -- Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre

The attractive heroine stares intently at the cryptic device. The intensity of her stare is enhanced by expertly angled camera perspective. Someplace a clock ticks down to impending doom. A glisten of sweat begins to reflect light from her forehead.

The device consists of a matt black panel grafted to a mass of enigma-inspiring wires and colored shapes. The panel has a ring of yellow lights on it. At first they appear to blink randomly. Then, after several intense moments of concentration, a pattern emerges. The blinking lights appear to progress in a circular direction.

At first the circular progression of the blinking lights is crude, but with more staring the pattern becomes more distinct. A few more seconds and the disaster is averted. The assembled worriers break into the spontaneous applause the script called for. The heroine humbly acknowledges the applause. Someplace a doomsday clock resets.

A few weeks later “the lab” has rendered the device harmless by cutting particular wires and removing specific colored shapes. The once menacing device has been reduced to the strange black panel and a resudual wire fuzz. The technicians chat about the amazing brink-of-doom save the heroine achieved while they render the last dangerous elements of the device.

The technicians stand back and admire the still blinking, but now harmless, device.

“The blinking of the lights still has a clockwise pattern to it” remarks technician 1 “She must have permanently imprinted a pattern on them.”

“It’s been almost a month. I look at it every day, and the pattern has not faded one bit. If anything it has gotten more pronounced” replies technician 2; adding: “But they are blinking in a counterclockwise pattern, not clockwise!”

Technician 1 stares at the circle of blinking lights for a few seconds. “No they are progressing clockwise!”

Technician 2 takes a turn re-examining the blinking lights. “No…definitely counterclockwise!”

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