Thursday, December 20, 2012


Zecharia Sitchin did not make it. He had a good run, but on October 9th of 2010 he died; he was 90 years old. Would it have been too much to ask of the Anunnaku that he be given some sort of restorative draft so that he could live til 21 December 2012?  Just long enough to witness the cataclysmic collision between their home planet (Nibiru) and ours?

I guess the fact that we are all the genetically engineered work-slaves of the Anunnaku detracts from the value any one of our lives might have for them. We have really overpopulated the planet since we were created. Humans are now the most populous vertebrate species on the planet.

The Anunnaku are undoubtedly busy with the collision of their planet with Earth. Just what do you take with you when something like that is going to happen?

Though the Planet Niburu has been hidden from view all these centuries we were given fair warning that the big splat would take place. Extensive detailed records were left with the Sumerians. There were even pictures. The information was right there staring us in the face, but it took the work of Zecharia Sitchin to show us that everyone who had looked at the Sumerian artifacts before and since had gotten it wrong.

Instead of the standard “gods mundanely controlling everything and acting badly” fare of ancient civilizations the Sumerians were given a detailed account of Nibiru pinballing through the solar system, colliding several times with a planet called Tiamat, and forming various components of the solar system; One of those components was the Earth. To most researchers it just seemed like it was a standard set of mythologies, but Zech knew better, and he convinced the thousands of people who bought his book.

Some of you are probably insisting that there must be more evidence than uncovered re-translations of ancient Sumerian texts, and as luck would have it there is. Even though the super intelligent god-like Anunnaku from Nibiru might think of us as disposable constructs (as evidenced by the fact that they constructed, and then disposed of us) there are others in the universe more empathetic to our needs as sentient beings.

The super-inteligent beings who inhabit one of the planets orbiting a binary star called Zeta Reticuli in the southern Reticulum constellation (about 39 light years away) have been providing more modern updates. They implanted a transmitter into the brain of an otherwise unimpressive member of our species called Nancy Lieder.

Nancy receives regular transmissions from the “Zetas”. She also meets with all sorts of other interesting aliens. Unfortunately the transmissions must sometimes have a bit of static in them. Nancy originally predicted that the Nibiru cataclysm would take place in 2003. Now she knows that it takes place tomorrow, on 21 December 2012. This coincides with the Mayan calander stuff, and the winter solstice, and Stonehenge has something to do with it I’m sure.

I really would go out and sit in a lounge chair sipping iced tea to welcome our uninspiring super-intelligent creator’s planet, but it is just too darn cold outside here. This morning it was 0F (like -18C) outside.

They are just going to have to start the cataclysm without me.

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