Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disco Cancer

I just heard about a new super cancer treatment. It is amazingly more effective than conventional treatments, and has zero side effects. Yesterday I heard of one as well. Did you know marijuana cures cancer? So does Sour sop, and baking soda. I’m not sure how anyone conducted cancer research before the advent of facebook.

Treatment for cancers has improved dramatically in the last 40 years. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) is one of the cancers that has responded quite well to early advances in chemotherapy. In 1950 nearly all children with ALL died. By 1980 there was an over 70% 5-year survival rate. Continuing advances have increased the survival numbers, and even cautiously optimistic researchers are suggesting that a 100% cure rate may soon be possible for childhood ALL patients. The high cure rate would obviously be dependent on competent diagnosis and responsible treatment.

There are so many cancer treatments that are 100 times as effective as conventional treatments that we really should have hit that 100% cure rate for ALL by now. According to my facebook feed we just need to unhook those kids from chemo, and hand them a fatty. If conventional treatments are leaving 3 patients out of 10 uncured then whatever is making the rounds on the internet this week should leave only 3 out of 1000 uncured. That is a 99.7% cure rate, and that is pretty darn close to 100%.

What is apparently standing in the way of the medical realization that the world is brimming with natural safe and effective therapies is that big pharma, or big government, or some big-something organization is conspiring to prevent these cancer patients from getting the low-cost effective therapy they need. They are all in this: the drug companies, the cancer researchers, the politicians, the court system…everyone but the people passing on vital information through facebook.

Just this past week a young girl who had been diagnosed with ALL was saved from conventional cancer therapy. Her parents spirited her away to Mexico where she could get real treatment. The conventional doctors said she was in remission, but can you really believe them? Knowing what truth they are keeping from you? What lies they are feeding you to protect their jobs and investments? I bet you can find clues to their conspiracy by doing something like staring at the new 20-dolar bill and slightly crossing your eyes; the big conspiracies often slip up by publishing clues on common objects.

In 1979 the 5-year cure rate for ALL had not yet hit 70%, but Chad Green was one of the luck few kids who was in remission from ALL. Chad’s parents had received information attesting to the efficacy of a metabolic therapy (MT) that included a compound called vitamin B-17 (aka Laetrile). They decided to start Chad on MT.  Chad developed symptoms of cyanide poisoning, which was not surprising because the apricot pit extract that was B-17 contained cyanide. Chad’s parents were sued for custody, and Chad was put back on conventional chemotherapy. In order to save Chad from conventional therapy his parents spirited him away to Mexico for continued MT. Seven months later Chad was dead from possible cyanide poisoning.

Treating kids for ALL is not a gentle affair. When Emily Bracamontes appeared on the TODAY show and Good Morning America with her mother Norma she was wearing a hot-pink hat that had a cartoon face and sequins sewn onto it. The hat covered the hair loss her ALL treatment had caused. Emily also had a bandaged stump where before her chemotherapy she had a right arm. Emily, like Chad, was in remission. The path through treatment to remission had been paved with torment and agony.

In the 1970s the battle for MT was taken to the courts. The embattled proponents of B-17 found enough money to successfully sue to make their product legal in 28 states. Tens of thousands of people received MT. In 1980 a study of 178 possibly terminal patients (for some an effective conventional cure was not commercially available) was conducted. Not one patient was cured with B-17. The only clinical effect of B-17 was to cause alarmingly high –almost toxic- levels of cyanide to develop in the patients.

Slowly the use of B-17 disappeared from the American cancer therapy landscape. However, you can still buy it on the internet under the name Vitamin B17 or Amygdalin. MT and related therapies are also still available in Mexican clinics. Is Emily trading conventional therapy for a disproven therapy from the age of Disco?


Anonymous said...

Mostly: geez, these people are an embarrassment.

But I'm willing to believe that cannabinoids might be beneficial in cancer treatment, simply because:

A. Studies done in other countries have found that there are medical benefits to cannabinoids, including some suggestions of being beneficial for cancer patients. (Which is, I know, not the same as "a cure".)

B. Marijuana is not available for general study in the U.S. because it is a schedule-1 controlled substance. The U.S. government says it will reconsider this classification if a study carried out in the U.S. shows that marijuana is harmless. But of course such studies are essentially impossible because (drum roll) marijuana is a schedule-1 controlled substance.

adult onset atheist said...

I was really just trying to dish on the miracle cure aspect of the information I get bombarded with, and a disproportionate amount of that has to do with how Canabis will cure cancer many times more effectively than any conventional therapy. I got one today that read “Smoke your way cancer free” .

I did not delve into the less absurd question of whether cannabis can be a useful therapeutic tool in cancer treatment. My knee-jerk assessment is: “sure..why not…as long as it does not interfere with the best available therapy”. This is due more to the fact that I have watched people ravaged by cancer and I think all cancer patients should be given keys to the magical medicine cabinet. This reaction is not based on any clinical knowledge on my part concerning the efficacy of cannabis.

I should also point out that the legalization of cannabis is another separate point. I was born into a world where people caught with a single joint in some states could be sentenced to jail terms that were decades long. That was wrong, and it destroyed many people’s lives unjustly.