Friday, April 1, 2011

All Quiet on The Western Front

I'm writing to you today from behind enemy lines. Instead of shellfire I hear “praise music” blasting from the next room.

Despite my near deafness I can make out the phrase “My God is an Awesome God”. I think this makes the most amount sense if one believes in several gods one of which (at least) is apparently awesome. This interpretation is consistent with the bible's 3rd -of the big ten- commandments (Deu 5:6-21 or Exo 20:2-17) which states “Have no other gods before me”. There would be little purpose in such a commandment unless the biblical god existed in a polytheistic world.

I would love to discus the idea of a polytheistic biblical worldview with the people in the next room, but it might go over worse than a link to this blog.

There is a place in many theologies where philosophy goes to die.

Why does someone need to own twenty bibles? I own one and use it as a powerful tool to convert my children to my evangelical atheistic view. How can one own twenty and not make Richard Dawkins appear more fundy christian than Ted Haggard?

“I gave a Bible to my daughter. That’s how you make atheists.” – Dave Silverman

I am writing from what must be the world headquarters of Godco incorporated. Just the other day I rode up to an entire shopping mall that had been converted to a church. An abandoned Alpha-Beta formed the main chapel. I took some photos, and was looking in through the front doors, when the police drove up to see what I was doing.

I need to only travel a few blocks here to see some warehouse with a cross on top adrift in an asphalt lake. Usually the lake is empty of cars. What percentage of our GDP is tied up in preventing holy air from contributing to the abundance of other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere?

And it is hot here. When I glanced at a thermometer off Reseda Boulevard today it read 96F. I was in a town called Tarzana, and it felt “Africa Hot”.

I was able to escape to Ventura. There I found waves, and sandcrabs, and smiling half-dressed visions of humans in repose. I got sunburnt. I felt sand between my toes. It was 76F. When the sun dipped towards the horizon its rays broke into a thousand fragments of overexposure on each crashing wave.
A thousand fragments of overexposure

Sunset should have brought another opportunity to miss the fabled green flash, but a strange haze obscured the far horizon.

All is quiet on the western front.


Joe said...

Associated Press ...
Army group says there are atheists in foxholes

N.C. atheists promote beliefs on signs

MASH : Official Meetup for Military Atheists & Secular Humanists (Civilians Too)

Western Front? What about the Southern Front?
Hooters Girls versus the God People

OMG .. Attack of the Atheists

Joe Pomykala

adult onset atheist said...

Cool stuff. I was being spoken to by a Christian apologist the other day who had an interesting take on the 'Atheists in Foxholes' idea. He believed that Atheists become believers when faced with crisis, and then lie about their foxhole conversion later. Since you cannot prove what was going on in their minds you cannot prove they were atheists when faced with a acute life-threatening situation. This was an interesting extension of the "you cannot prove god does NOT exist..therefore he must" type argument. I was interested to see that it could conversationally be used for many things.