Saturday, April 9, 2011

Updates 2.0

If you are a regular reader of this blog (And do not be embarrassed, there are several of you; you just don't comment much) you know of my continuing aversion to commenting on current events.

Events unfold before their level of impact can be determined. Events pass from current to historical before they have ripened. Events are understood in the context of society when current, and society is described in terms of its aged events. These are all good motivations to observe (and not comment on) events till the green currentness blushes off, but my motivations are not so pure. I simply do not feel like keeping track of events as they unfold; I like to let my mind, and the focus of this blog, wander.

Some might wonder if there is too much wander in this blog (and my mind for that mater)to even say there is a focus. However, I do consider this an “Atheist” blog. In fact this blog was recently singled out as one of the “Top 25 atheist blogs you Must Read”. I was number '7'. The fact that the collection and ordering was probably arbitrary does not even slow me in my rush to proclaim that “This blog is considered one of the ten best atheist blogs ever”.

When I do talk of current events I try several avoidance behaviors. The first, which I used in talking about the tsunami-following nuclear disaster in Japan, is to only present general information associated with the event. The general information is unaffected by the eventual outcome of the events. The second, which I used recently in discussing the Terry Jones Qur'an-burning, is to sublimate the discussion into one of a fancifully hypothetical story. After the events run themselves to ground any difference between the fantasy and reality is just difference between fantasy and reality. Thirdly I write about obscure events, like AOD's Hitler youth club, which are so local and anonymously attributed that it is unlikely that any of you (even if you personally knew all the actors)could accurately piece together the truth of what eventually happened from what I write. This lets me use examples to touch on larger issues without every being called upon to defend those examples.
Surfing in the fog

Gee, these are all examples from the last couple of months. I guess I do write about current events often.

What I am trying to get at is that I sometimes slip up and actually discuss a recent event in such a way that I really need to re-visit it to describe how I was incredibly wrong (don't hold your breath as this is my blog) or describe how things really turned out. One such recent slip-up was my discussion of the Alta High School KKK event.

Ever since I read Orwell as a teen I have carefully stoked the hidden fires of a mistrust of authority.

Big Brother is watching, and he is not amused!

I fully expected the Alta High School administrators to investigate and find out that nothing was wrong. When I heard that the Canyon School District was doing the investigation I was even more convinced that the resulting whitewash would make the snow covering the Wasatch mountains appear dingy and beige by comparison.

Strangely enough this was not the case. While investigating the KKK incident the CSD found other credible reports of racist acting-out at Alta. The number and severity of the incidents were apparently of great enough concern that both the principal and vice-principal were placed on administrative leave (during the school-year no less). It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

I will re-visit this Alta High School KKK incident.

Unless, of course, I change my mind.

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