Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gary and Roy

I started this blog to serve as a venue to almost anonymously vent anti-religious rants where they would not have to bee seen by anyone. Yet another blogosphere clot of rambling flotsam. Unfortunately it may have served as a pressure relief valve and I have had little to say about atheism, god, evolution, or stupidity since I began it.

Then yesterday I read about the glorious Gary Herbert (governor by appointment of Utah) and his Public Utilities and Technology Interim Committee meeting’s agenda for today (Wed. 21 Oct 2009). Gov. GaryH has been widely quoted as stating he is “not convinced by the science” behind global climate change (GCC). Today’s meeting of his committee contains as a key element of its agenda a discussion of the science behind GCC. This discussion is seen as designed to discredit the previous governor’s blue ribbon advisory committee’s findings (which were generally that GCC is caused by man’s CO2 output and is bad for Utah). Now the most likely reason for Gov GaryH’s skepticism is not that he has searchingly examined the copious science on the subject and found it wanting. The reason probably sits nestled in one of Utah’s back road coal powered electrical plants that are busily churning out kilowatts for California. Admittedly, they also churn out Utah coal mining jobs and plant operator jobs, and more importantly electrical company sponsored political lobbyist jobs. It is no shocker that a politician who is looking to actually be elected would cater to important constituent groups. One might even call this a secular exercise in power. Aside from the underlying lack of church-state separation that is a banal fact of life in Utah what is the importance of this attack on science to atheism?

Well, astute reader, I’m glad you asked.

The link comes in the type of logic Gov GaryH sought out to “clarify” the GCC debate into an acceptable level of opacity. Gov GaryH has elicited the help of Roy Spencer Intelligent design advocate and GCC sceptic.

Since there were no believable GCC skeptics to be found in Utah (even in provo!) Gov GaryH sent word to the University of Alabama at Huntsville where a bunch of them apparently hang out. UA sent one of their best. Roy Spencer is credentialed as an award winning climatologist who studied the effect of temperature differentials on wind patterns. Roy is not, in the strict sense, a GCC denier. His work and the data he helped produce are apparently undeniable proofs that GCC is occurring. Roy simply believes that man has nothing to do with it. Apparently god is doing it without man’s help. This is good news for Gov GaryH as he will not have to be mean to the power companies and by slipping a bit of cash to LDS sanctioned programs he can more directly affect GCC’s impact on Utah. It is a Win-Win.

The diluted lukewarm pseudo science that is “intelligent design” is more of an argument than a science. It raises shrill voices of discontent where reason speaks and attempts to drown it out. Has Utah’s Governor purchased discord of reason for his state to achieve short term political goals? I will look forward to reading the minutes (and perhaps listening to the proceedings if the link can be made to work).


Patricia Williams said...

Um I just read that explanation of intelligent design and it sounded pretty logical to me, except the stuff about the Bible. apparently this guy is also cherry picking like all fundamentalists. I was wondering if you'd write an article refuting this argument.

adult onset atheist said...

Sure... If it is as interesting as you say. Comment with a link to the article, and I will give it a look.