Sunday, October 4, 2009

WRIOD (White Rim In One Day) report

The weather WAS perfect. The bike made it to the ride in almost perfect shape. The plastic front shifter adjuster cracked so I put the chain on the middle chain-ring and resolved to keep it their. I could actually down-shift by unclipping and rubbing the chain with my heal to push it onto the small chain-ring. I did not do this often.

I was so excited when I started out that I missed the proper short 4wheel drive trail from the camp to mineral bottom road and ended up wandering though the woods in deep sand until close to dawn (about an hour). I was able to go much faster down the mineral bottom road in full light, but I would have liked that hour back at the end of the day.

The White Rim trail is awesome! Everyone should do it. Basically, if a fat guy like me can do it in a day many other folks can to. Sure I pushed the bike up more hills than fashionable, sure I developed some marvelous bruises, sure I bonked like never before, but I was awe-struck and happy and in some element that I wished could be mine.

I arrived at the top of Murphy's Hogback at an average speed of almost 10MPH (discounting the “Lost” episode in the woods). Unfortunately I had burned up most of the available calories in my body. The rest of the White Rim (about half) would take twice as long. I was so toasted by Musselman arch that I did not even take the short stop to see it.

Unknown to me My wife had received the information that, although it is not marked, the road she was to meet me on was illegal to be on after dark. I do not believe this information, but the guys she spoke to were quite insistent. So when I arrived at the pickup spot as the sun went down she was not their.

I could not reasonably bike using my headlamp so I ended up pushing my bike for a couple of hours until I could cycle the last six miles on pavement to Gold Bar. I ran into a couple of workers on the commercial Potash road who gave me a ride till I was off their property (thanks).

All in all a marvelous day. I want to do it again in the spring. Better bike, slightly longer day, more food, and a camera!

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