Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tying the room together

Blogg post ideas are trending in clusters of three for me. It may be a measure of maturity in writing for this format that I want to break impossibly long ideas into several posts. it is unfortunately a potential sign of my immaturity that each of the three posts becomes impossibly long by itself.

I tried twitter, but thought that anything I said in 140 characters or less was not worth saying, or sounded like a command. Since I had nothing to say I did not try and get any followers, and so I had none. So I could make commands that would fall on deaf ears.
'Shet de do' – Mark Twain from Huckleberry Finn
As my hearing slowly fades away with passing years I realize more and more how angry people sound when they yell loud enough for me to hear. They get angrier every year.

Apparently one of the useful things you can do with Twitter is create hashtags. This is a human-understandable word with the “#” before it. This allows one to search for a particular idea, and collect the relevant info from all over twitter about it. One can even collect the data and relate it to other variables, like time, and create graphs. You can even make pie charts if you are into that sort of thing.

Recently a bunch of people decided to create a searchable hashtag to collect thoughts, feelings, and data on what they imagined was bullying at FTB. They created a hashtag called #FTBullies. I don’t know if they said anything worthwhile on the hashtag. I doubt it because what worthwhile thing can you say in 140 characters or less?

Several folks over at FTB decided it would be fun to “crash” the hashtag. So they insinuated in and posted weird information. They posted hundreds of funny little hip lines like “dingos ate my #FTBullies”. I guess the idea was to crash it like a computer crashes as well as crashing it like when you go to a party uninvited.

Anyway, some of the same folks went to CONvergance, which is not as cool as comicCON but still has all sorts of cosplay folks in wonderfully inappropriate costumes strutting around folks arguing about which of the Doctors is best. And if you ask “Doctor Who” you either know what I’m talking about, or I’m not going to tell you.

Actually at the same time that several FTB bloggers were doing a panel on trolls called “Don’t Feed the Trolls” [Sexism, misogyny & the internet. A discussion about the recent wave of internet bullying against women and what we can do about it. Panelists: Heina Dadabhoy, Greg Laden, Stephanie Zvan, Jason Thibeault, Rebecca Watson] you could learn all about the companions of Doctor Who at a panel called “Companions in Doctor Who” [Dr. Who just isn't the same without his trusty companions. Let's talk about our favorite. Like Ace. Panelists: Steve Manfred, Lars Pearson, Tim Liebe, Lynne Thomas, Michael D. Thomas]. The Doctor Who panel was about half-again as popular as the troll panel, but the attendees to it might have felt the room would be larger on the inside than it was from outside.

Videos, transcripts, and other recordings of the troll panel are available. I was randomly struck by one comment Christina Rad (who apparently was a surprise panel member added after the schedule was published?) made.
“yeah, it’s not your free speech to come into my house and pee on my carpet.” –Christina Rad
The Dude would approve. Peeing on carpets is for Nihilists.

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