Thursday, June 21, 2012

Libtard Season

I just watched an add by Orin Hatch describing America as being divided. According to Orin in America there are good hard-working people, and evil lazy people. In the background of the add are pictures of images like OWS protests and president Obama when he talks of the evil people. Orin is running for re-election as a Senator from Utah. Utah is not divided. These were not pictures of the people Orin is running against.

Orin is running against Dan Liljenquist who is a TeaParty candidate. Orin has apparently decided to run a “If you think that’s fascist; just listen to what I’ve got to say” style of campaign. The idea is to pile the hate speech higher and higher till the most odiferous pile wins. Vilify not the opponent, but the people who the opponent is also vilifying.

I look into my crystal ball and predict that whoever wins the Republican nomination for Utah’s senate seat will win more than 75% of the vote in November. If they win by any lesser margin I’m afraid that they will institute a hunting season on liberals to coincide with the off-season republican primaries. You might get an extra delegate vote for every “libtard” scalp you can bring into a caucus meeting.

Of course my predictions are worth as much as I paid for my crystal ball. In truth I don’t even own a real crystal ball; I just imagine a big transparent sphere that can make someone’s nose look really big when you look at them through it just right.


mikekoz68 said...

Awesome song!

adult onset atheist said...

Grace at the pinnacle of talent