Sunday, July 3, 2011

Calder's Around Here Somehow

In the Hirshorn Museum of art today there was a security guard on the basement floor who believed it was his job to make sure everyone on the escalator faced in the direction they were traveling.

He started his attempts to get people facing correctly by yelling at people to “TURN AROUND” if they were facing the wrong way. This resulted in just about everyone turning around to see who was yelling. It caused him great annoyance to see half the folks on the escalators facing the wrong direction after he had admonished a single transgressor to right their misdirection.

He then tried to be more specific. Detailing some article of clothing the wrong-facing person was wearing. In response almost everyone on the escalators began turning in several directions at once to ascertain who the authoritative voice was describing.

I found this amusing, but decided to travel to the upper floors before discovering that there was something wrong with my attitude.

The Hirshorn is an amazing museum. There are few museums I have been in that boast such a wide variety of modern art. At the Hirshorn the many true masterpieces look all the more impressive in juxtaposition to some truly horrendous junk. That is the wonder of the Hirshorn; almost every piece is coming at art from a different direction.

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