Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Frog eyeballs

The Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) have come in and are as interesting as I could have hoped.  I have created a recipe for Chia fresca, but the truth is that they are so simple to use that a recipe is a formality. 

Chia fresca is supposed to be another miracle drink.  The seeds are magic and are available as the direct result of re-discovering ancient ritualistic truths about mankind.  Presumably the truths were revealed by ancient Gods or astronauts.  I have trouble following these things but there is often a connection between aliens from outer space and colon health (and you wondered why the anal probes?).

I would not be surprised to see Chia patches and tonics marketed for all sorts of things in the not-too-distant future.  The seeds are readily available, very easy to grow, and currently a second-rate cash crop in parts of south America.

The nutrition information is somewhat impressive.  Lots of Omega 3s, antioxidants, calcium, other good stuff.  I'm not sure the seeds would work as a primary food source. The Tarahumara apparently use them as an energy drink on their very long (100 mile plus) runs. 

The cost of the Chia seeds is similar (slightly less) to that of other energy drink options.  I thought they would be worth a try.

The basic method I use for them is:
Put a 50ml scoop of them into a 1 liter water bottle.
then add enough powdered energy drink of choice to make 1/2 a liter of drink. 
then add 1 liter of water.
cap and shake.

It is important to shake the bottle for a while as the seeds can clump irreversibly when beginning to swell.  Usually I can shake the bottle for a couple of minutes, let it sit for 15 minutes, and shake it again to successfully prevent clumps.  The bottle is then left in the fridge overnight to get the best consistency.

The consistency is the coolest thing about these.  The seeds swell and produce a gelatinous sheath, kind-of like a capsule on a microorganism.  The effect is that the drink looks like it is full of the eggs of some kind of amphibian.  I like it.

I have tried to make drinks with a similare consistancy using basil seeds.  The Basil seeds I have gotten from local Asian markets did not work well.  Perhaps they were not fresh enough.  These Chia seeds have produced my first real success in making what I lake to call a "frog eyeball" drink.  I picture Macbeths witches slugging the stuff despite the fact that they clearly ask for "eye of newt and toe of frog".  Somehow "Newt eyeball drink" or "frog toe tonic" did not work for me.

I've tried to picture the final product for you bellow.  The picture on the right is un-augmented.  On the left I've stained the gelatinous sheaths with a black dye.  The scale and concentration of chia seeds are roughly the same.

The recipie:

4 TBSP Chia seeds
1 TSP Lime juice
2 TBSP Honey
1 Liter water


Anonymous said...

I tried this stuff. It is great, in a weird way.

adult onset atheist said...

I made up some the other day using ½-strength orange-flavored Accelerade; loved it!