Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where are the humans now?

Utah is one of those states that sell “commemorative” license plates for an additional fee. This is not the “vanity plate” arrangements of letters that are used to pen cute sayings. A good friend of mine’s father used to have a plate that said “I SMOKE”. It was always getting stolen.

The commemorative plates have some picture, and usually a tagline, signifying the purchaser’s support of some cause. Utah hunting and fishing groups all together must have close to a dozen different plates traveling our nation’s highways.

Recently the Utah legislature tried to create a new plate (HB506) which would commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. The monies (estimated to be about $20K) raised by the plate were to be spent on a bunch of nice-sounding things. Two of these line items proved controversial. They were:
“Create or support programs that promote awareness and education of human civil rights”

“Provide education and training in human rights”

Apparently, and I honestly did not know this, the term “human rights” can be used as code for abortion. I also did not know that an almost exclusively Mormon group of almost exclusively (77.3%) republicans would have been the first to crack this abortion code.

There were signs however. The bill’s sponsor was a woman democrat who was the daughter of a Mexican immigrant. She has supported the Girl Scouts in the past, and I have read that the GSA has been exposed as a rabidly pro-abortion communist group controlled by cyber-zombie clones of Nancy Pelosi.

But Utah is safe. We have the Patrick Henry Caucus. They deciphered out the code and fixed it.

The offending “human”s were removed from the bill and replaced with the constitution and the declaration of independence. The amended bill was quickly passed. The two offending lines now read:
“Create or support programs that promote awareness and education of constitutional and civil rights”

“Provide education and training in inalienable rights as set forth in the Declaration of Independence

This is why I’m not in politics (well that and the difficulty I would have selling my soul to the devil since I know neither exists). I would have naively thought that, since the Supreme Court upheld a woman’s right to have an abortion, the right to a safe abortion would be better described as “constitutional” instead of “human”. The inalienable rights in the declaration [Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness] also appear to be abortion inclusive rights. If the mother’s life is in danger the “Life” inalienable right should allow an abortion; if she is carrying a rapist’s baby not allowing an abortion would certainly be antithetical to the “pursuit of Happiness”, and “Liberty” is what one might consider the essence of allowing a woman to personally choose what to do with her own body from all available technological alternatives.

I do know one group of rights that will now be included in the tests for groups that can receive money from the MLK Jr, license plate. By changing the wording I’m sure the Patrick Henry caucus was thinking about gun rights. They spend a lot of time talking about gun rights on the floor of Utah’s capitol building. They even use quotes from Patrick Henry from time to time:

The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun.” ― Patrick Henry

I wonder how MLK would feel about using his legacy to promote gun ownership. I bet there was at least one gun that he would have preferred to have taken away from its owner during his life.

Leave it to the Patrick Henry caucus to protect guns by getting rid of those pesky “human”s.

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