Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brigades of Anger In Concert

In a stroke of ironic certainty Shiite Muslims have begun stoning Emo kids to death in Baghdad.

The nihilistic kids in over-priced tight clothing whose terminal oppression in the face of retail privilege have begun showing up in Baghdad morgues with strange wounds. According to MSNBC there is an official count of 14, and an unofficial count as high as 100.

Often called “Goth for whimps” the Emo fashion statement is not complete without some strange wound. Superficial cuts are the most popular. It is easy to envision the self mutilation of a couple kids getting out of hand, and landing them in the morgue with strange wounds. Even a hundred dead Emo kids, though newsworthy and pathetic, would lack irony.

What makes this ironic is that these Emo kids were systematically murdered because they might have a propensity to hurt themselves. Apparently:

Nihilism is the new Satanism.

The Death-to-Emo squads have leafleted the areas they wish to rid of Emo kids. MSNBC provided a quote from one of the leaflets:

"We are the Brigades of Anger. We warn you, if you do not get back to sanity and the right path, you will be killed,"

Wouldn’t “Brigades of Anger” make an OK name for an Emo band. In fact a leaflet that said:

We are the Brigades of Anger in concert at Galivan Center. We warn you, if you do not get back to sanity and the right path, you will be killed

Would actually result in a handful of Emo kids showing up at Galivan center at whatever date and time it specified.


SJCP said...

What a despicable, piece-of-shit blog.

In making light of the murder of these children, this allegedly "atheist" blog has moved into allegiance with the fanatical cavemen who condemned them to death for their choice of lifestyle.


SJCP said...

The genius author of this blog probably thought he had reached a new level of cutting, original anti-emo humor when he said that the Iraqi children killed for their lifestyle were terminally oppressed "in the face of retail privilege".

I'd like to ask the author why he assumes that children in Baghdad of all cities have "retail privilege".

When one considers that these children were different in a way that brought shun and, eventually, death to them, it's hard not to reach for a barf bag when the author sardonically says that they had "retail privilege" in a cliche insult to Emo subculture.

You look like a bit of a douche here. This wasn't the right time for emo-bashing.

It's interesting how the "Brigades of Anger" receive such non-offensive treatment in your article, while you mercilessly insult the emos with unoriginal cliche jokes. Looks like you've chosen sides.

adult onset atheist said...

Wow SJCP, you’ve really missed the point, but you did get to call me a douche a couple of times. I hope you are doing well.