Thursday, February 23, 2017


I have been waiting to hear if the recent terrorist attacks in Sweden and Bowling Green were actually “False Flag” operations. I hope they are as that would allow me to title this blog post “False False Flag”. It would be even more exciting if someone was able to decode the secret messages in a Swedish travel brochure to discover some cryptic plot to pretend that the two massacres were false flag operations in order to divert attention from the fact that some high-ranking politician was a secret Muslim. Then I could call this post “False False False Flag”!

The desire to “discover” false flag operations or government gaslighting activities has, in recent years, threatened to depose porn as the major use for the internet. However, with the new federal program on alternative facts the economic powerhouse that is the American Porn Industry can live to fight the net neutrality boogeyman. I suspect that there may be a flood of new golden shower videos waiting to take up the slack left by the damming of the stream of false flag discoveries.

Common sense might suggest that the underlying neurological issues that would drive a person to conclude that the grieving parents of Sandy Hook were merely actors would not be affected by such reality-occupying events as the election of a new government in the USA, and the underlying pathology does indeed probably still exist. However, the construction of a false flag narrative requires a clear underlying motive.

For approximately the past eight-plus years the underlying motive has been clearly codified as the Five Primary Goals. These are (were):

  1. Enact (or protect/expand) Obamacare.
  2. Restart the Cold War with Russia
  3. Crash the economy
  4. Promote gay marriage
  5. Nullify the 2nd amendment.

The order for these change depending on the event. I pulled this arrangement from a discussion on the obvious signs of a false flag operation in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The current administration has signaled that they will repeal Obamacare. The coziness with Russia has spawned a plethora of not-so-family-friendly memes that suggest that restarting the Cold War with Russia is the farthest thing from anyone’s mind. We should start “wining so much we are sick of wining” any day now so the economy must be the best it has been ever. The Trump cabinet has leaked a draft executive order decriminalizing (at the federal level) social action against same sex marriage by religious individuals and companies. The second amendment, and even open carry –except at the RNC-, are widely expected to get some kind of boosted protection level or something. In short, the Five Primary Goals are no more.

Canada appears to be the best place to observe what America’s unhinged will come up with to fill the void the loss of the Five Primary Goals has done to their cherished hobby. I suspect that they will just begin engaged in some of their other pastimes. In addition to fetish porn there are the standard America-hating groups that must be conspiring someplace. Maybe they will go way back into their closet and get back in touch with orifice-probing alien abductions or zombies. There was recently an attack on a Jewish cemetery in Missouri that could easily have been designed to protect us against world domination by Semites who were raising an army of undead with the help of alien technology.

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