Thursday, July 21, 2016

23 Freedom!

Ted Cruz lit up the GOP convention last night, but mostly because of what he did NOT say. Ted though it best to not specifically endorse the official GOP nominee.

Ted told the gathered throng to “vote their conscience”, and did not suggest anyone in particular. Many booing attendees believed he should have suggested Donald Trump since he was the party nominee, and the guy all the GOP money would be going to elect, and this was the GOP’s party he was invited to speak at. I’m not sure what Ted’s “vote your conscience” means in terms of actionable voting suggestions. Much of his speech was devoted to Hillary bashing, and so I don’t think it was a veiled endorsement of Hillary. Maybe Ted wants people to vote for Jill Stein?

What Ted did specifically mention was “Freedom”. He used the word 23 times in his speech. That’s a lot of freedom. Hurray for freedom!

One mention of Freedom was especially interesting. Here is the exact quote:

“Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Atheist.” – Ted Cruz GOP convention 20 July 2016

I would love to know exactly what Ted means by religious freedom for atheists. It is actually a great thing that he mentioned us in a speech. Since Ted has not been a big supporter of an Atheist’s right to live a normal life I am suspicious. However, he did mention us, and not in an obviously bad way. He could have mentioned Hindus or Buddhists, but he mentioned Atheists instead. That’s a couple points for Ted that I never expected him to try and earn.

Ted only mentions God five times, and most of these are in colloquial phraseology like “God bless” or “God willing”. He did not try to outdo Ben Carson’s God/Lucifer rant.

It is also interesting to note that the vice presidential nominee (Pence) also failed to invoke God in any magical way. He was very clear that he is a Christin first, but he failed to mention how any God is suggesting to him that the people of his state would be more blessed if they had a hard time getting abortions or if their tax money went to Gay conversion therapy instead of HIV outreach. Pence is a piece of work. I had hoped he would stand up in front of the RNC and tell everyone how much of a piece he really was.

I suppose there will be time to shake down the TP ticket before November.

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