Friday, April 2, 2010

Statement of Purpose

I am an adult onset atheist. I cannot blame parents, society, or an unhappy childhood on my decision to abandon all things theist. I clung for a while to a deist god, but it too was eventually thrown onto the trash-heap. Why insist that I am believing in a “god” when “gravity” or “electromagnetic radiation” are better names? I finally found that I was clinging to the weakest shadow of a deist god because I connected the belief in this imaginary entity with so many good things in the world. One day I realized that those good things would be better without the residue of a belief in god contaminating them.

This Blog is not concerned with arguing about the existence of a god, whether theist, deist or misoandrist. Others make these arguments much better than I, and there is no need to repeat them here. I am concerned with examining the taint of religion that contaminates so many of the great and good things about human life. I am interested in how that residue of mumbo-jumbo can be removed so the positive aspects of human existence can be enhanced.

In this Blog I wish to describe parts of life as I am living it and extract those events that collide with ideas that are religious or spiritual. After identifying these aspects of life tainted by religion I will attempt to remove that taint and see if that aspect of life can be improved by the cleansing. Attempts will be made to fill the void left by removing religion with modern understandings of technology, phenomenology, and the human condition. I will range across all topics that could interest me: emotional health, motivations, activities, health and wellness, and probably more bicycling than anyone could care to read about.

The history of religions supplanting other religions has been one of violence and destruction. It is vital that we avoid throwing out important elements of human civilization simply because we are throwing out the religious delusions popular at the time those elements were created. Christianity disposed of the recipe for concrete when it supplanted the pagan religions of Rome and Europe. Europe is littered with the decaying carcasses of a thousand years worth of structures built without this substance; many are little more than piles of rock now. We know this mistake and there is no need to repeat it.

We can make civilization better by removing religion from everything. In some cases the removal will require microsurgery. In some unfortunate cases we may have to do the removal in steps; leaving some residue behind until more exact techniques for its removal become available. Eventually the work will be done. This Blog has been created to document my small part of this work.

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