Thursday, June 12, 2014


The planet Htrae is a cube shaped world where coal is used for money, and words are spelled wrong. Created on what must have been a slow day Htrae is a silver-age Superman opposite world. The jokes from Htrae (also called Bizzaro world) get old as fast as trying to get around with one’s pants on backwards gets old, but the typical silver-age comic book was only a couple dozen pages long so the jokes were only getting stale by the time the book was finished.

At some point the irony that covers the modern libertarian movement like candy sprinkles goes full bizzaro world. “Religious Liberty” has become code for “power to oppress people on religious grounds”. “Defending Marriage” has become “Preventing Marriage”. “Defending the Second Amendment” has become “Providing good reasons for enhanced gun control legislation”. “Patriotism” has become “Terrorism”. The list is long. We are going full-fascist bizzaro.

This weekend’s shooting spree in Nevada is getting scarier every day. Apparently the male shooter was, just a couple months ago, blocking traffic on I-15 while openly displaying a firearm. The display of firearms in a confrontational situation is an implied threat of violence. This is not the complete opposite of a non-violent demonstration, but it is not really a peaceful demonstration at all. This weekend the Millers took their creative nonviolence full-fascist bizzaro, and began shooting people to death.

On a Venn diagram of topics I’ve covered in this blog the Millers would fall on one of the tiny polygons of multiple overlap. She identified with Hobby Lobby, and he with Cliven Bundy. They both were white supremacists. They thought that owning a tool for killing gave them special freedoms. Each time I read about them the confused patchwork of their apparent mindset picks up yet another thread from my blog. It is as if they were avid followers of a bizzaro version of my blog.

I used to like the idea of Htrae. I used to say that my misspellings were just the Htrae version of the word I meant. Before the advent of spell-checking software I said this a lot.

The word “Htrae” is surprisingly hard to pronounce.

I have begun to flinch at mundane instances of bizzaro world events. Even those that are not full-fascist bizzaro are disturbing. I know relatively sane and surprisingly intelligent people who listen to Alex Jones or Glenn Beck; saying “Not everything they say is way off base”. I want to say “Why isn’t the way off base stuff enough to cut power to their transmission? “

In the instant before I can condemn these teabagger reactionaries I call friends I picture myself reading some article from Mother Jones or the Huffington Post. I readily read through some articles; dismissing some parts as spin, and accepting others as partial facts. Maybe I support going part Htrae on the news as long as it is in the right direction?

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