Monday, September 24, 2012

Keshe Airlines

Rumor has it that the world is a different place than it was just last year. I have been told that there are scientists diligently working on the application of amazing new knowledge that will transform everything. The problems of reality slip away into a glorious soft-focus future where we all wear turquoise jewelry, and talk with our minds.

On September 21st (Just last Friday) the Keshe foundation released “the first phase of its Free Energy Technology systems to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication.”

Just what will this first phase bring? One application spelled out in the Keshe foundation’s July 23rd announcement was: “From that point on, international borders will cease to have any real significance. This is because, once the first flight system has been built and put into operation by public, the time of travel for example from Tehran to New York will be about 10 minutes maximum.”

I have no idea why anyone would want to take a direct flight from Tehran to New York. The delay at immigrations would be unbelievable. One would pretty much fly over Paris on the way, and just changing planes there would make the visa situation much more manageable.

Then there are all the problems with jetlag when one travels at almost 50 times the speed of sound. I’m sure that just skipping along the upper atmosphere at several times the terminal velocity of a meteor can seriously mess with one’s hair. Not that there would be anyone to see your hair when you landed.

Tehran is 9,879 kilometers, as the plane flies, from New York City. In order to traverse that distance in 10 minutes (discounting those long waits taxiing along the runway) one must travel at 16,465 meters per second. A 747 weighs in at about 442,253 kilograms full. So assuming that despite the anticipation of delays at immigration the plane is mostly full the cruising commuter jet will have a total energy of almost 6 X10^13 Joules. This is about 15 kilotons of energy, or about three quarters the amount of energy in the bombs that obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They also claim that the commuter craft made by this first phase of technology “will not be detectable with present radar technology.” as if air traffic controllers did not already have enough troubles.

Mehran Keshe is the mastermind behind these world-changing ideas. I watched a rather extended interview of him recorded on YouTube. Mehran appears to be able to synergistically combine the incredible powers of both dangerous quantities of hallucinogenic drugs and a very significant exhaust leak. At one point in the interview he breaks out a few vials. He explains that they are room temperature liquid carbon dioxide and methane. I’ve seen liquid methane and carbon dioxide, and they looked nothing like what was in the vials he was casually swirling with his bare hands.

These things have a lot of applications. And if you look at the CO2 in the liquid state It’s very much the color of the brain of the human. This allows us to build the next generation of computers.” - Mehran Keshe September 2012

I always suspected there was a connection between dry ice and the reason I did not ever like Windows NT.

According to Keshe and his group they have already supplied this world-ending technology to the Iranian government, and the Iranian government has already used the technology to bring down a US RQ-170 Sentinel drone. Harnessing a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter, regular matter, and antimatter Iranian flying saucer engineers used force fileds to gently pluck the spy drone out of the air.

Perhaps the same Iranian future tech allowed some higher-ups in the Iranian government to go back in time and kill Hitler. That would explain why Iran is such a hotbed of holocaust-deniers…they know that they have actually prevented the holocaust from ever happening. might ask…what happened to Ann Frank and everyone else. I don’t know, but I can guess.

In order to prevent a temporal time-space paradox the former holocaust victims were transported to a planet orbiting a sun just beyond Kolob. There Mitt Romney’s father George is the local god, and he has seen to it that the six million Jewish people have been re-baptized into a new “lost” tribe of Israel.

I am afraid that until my new car develops an exhaust leak the intricate details of life the universe and everything according to Keshe will elude me. Perhaps I should go out on the porch, and breathe in the fresh scent of blissful ignorance. A storm has cleared the air of a smoglike smoke that has been clinging to the valley for weeks now. If I am lucky I should be able to see the mushroom clouds rising from Salt Lake International Airport that should signify the arrival of late-morning commuters flying in from LAX and LaGuardia.


v1car said...

Ah, yes, fun. These show up every now and again. I remember one from India where the "inventor" claimed to have discovered a hitherto-unobserved extra electron shell with lower energy than any of the usual ones, and proposed to generate power by letting electrons fall into this shell. The fact that nobody had ever observed evidence of such a shell did not stop him, nor did the entirely practical consideration that electrons naturally fall into the lowest-energy shell they can by radiating a photon with the extra energy so if such a thing existed it would already be occupied.

And the people discussing this were basically saying "well, I don't understand quantum physics, and I don't understand this, and quantum physics is true so this is true too". Ugh!

Still, good for a laugh now and again, if you can take a point of view that doesn't involve banging your head on the desk instead.

adult onset atheist said...

I have a vague recollection of the quantum electron shell. Searching the internets for a reminder I ran across a Kiril Chukanov who lives in Sandy with his daughter Laura Chukanov. He is a Bulgarian scientist who even the far-out folks deride as a narcissist, and his daughter is a former (2009) Miss USA contestant. He has a theory that involves ball lightning, and spectacular energy discharge apparati. One can apparently get a similar show using a microwave and a match.