Saturday, September 1, 2012

150 MPH

So I’m driving a new car. It is a Corolla; perhaps one of the most utilitarian cars invented by humankind. I like it.

Utah is one of those states with better places to be than to go to. I like getting places with gas to spare.

I would probably get a Smart Car, but I also like getting places with my family and some stuff. I can’t really do that with a smart car.

I can’t figure out why the speedometer on the Corolla goes to 150 MPH (almost 242 kilometers per hour). I can only imagine this car reaching that speed if careening down a cliff-like incline. Faced with the real possibility of bodily injury in such a situation I don’t think I would be studying the speedometer to figure out if I was going 135 or 140 MPH.

The real problem with this ambitious high end on the Corolla’s speedometer is that the resolution for most of the speeds that the Corolla can actually go is diminished. I have actually gotten speeding tickets for sub-warp speeds, and I would like to know the difference between 34 and 37 MPH. With the Corolla’s speedometer this is tricky.

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