Friday, June 3, 2016

Sign for Utah Pride Parade 2016

Here is the finished sign I talked about a couple posts ago.  It is amazingly similar to the original design.  Clearly legible from a long distance.  I like it.  It is made with a measurable amount of win.

But there is hidden win behind the artsy semi-free-form lettering and awesome color scheme.  This sign is made of fiberboard, and is orders of magnitude stronger than ones made with standard poster-board or foam core.   This sign could withstand the impact of a vigorously launched rock or bottle.  In order to leverage this capability I designed a handle setup that allows the sign to work as a shield.  Here is a picture of the back.

 I put some paint on the back so I could tell which side was up without looking at the front.  The handle system is constructed from two sections of 2x3s and 2 pieces of 1 inch hardwood dowel.   The dowels act as the actual handles.  Here is a closeup of a dowel.
The handles allow the sign to be carried without grasping it from the sides.  Fingers do not obstruct the front of the sign, and the fingers are protected from being bashed.  This was, of course, the real reason for the handle system, but the fact that it turns the sign into a modestly effective shield is a bonus capability.


And here is the sign just about to be used in the parade:


Anonymous said...

On the design you had Pink on top. You have blue on top on the actual sign.

-Jim C

adult onset atheist said...

I noticed that too Jim, but only after I started the lettering, and I did not want to change it then.