Saturday, April 5, 2014

This Is Where I Leave You

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Tomorrow -April 6th 2014- a Mass Resignation for Mormons will take place; also taking place will be the biannual conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There will be speakers and good company at the mass resignation. If I can make the time I will be there.

At 11am people will start congregating at City Creek Park in Salt Lake city. City Creek Park is on the NorthEast corner of North Temple and State Street; just across form the LDS Church offices and the down a block from the conference center where the big LDS conference will be going on.

Things will really get started about 11:45 when everyone will accompany those resigning around temple square to wherever one drops off letters of resignation.

Then, at about 1230, there will be some more kind words by several people including David Silverman (President of Atheists of America) who is flying out for the event.

Route of Mass Resignation March

To many readers of this blog the idea of a mass resignation from a church might sound bizarre. I was personally icncredulous when first presented with the idea that one had to actively pursue removal from the LDS church in order to not be considered a member by that church. Even people who were simply born to Mormons, and had never attended church in their lives, are considered “inactive Mormons” until they successfully petition the church to remove their records. I have been told that the LDS Church has at times refused requests to be removed from their Church.

The removal from the Church is a non-trivial action by the inhabitants of Utah. It limits employment. It limits opportunities -social, athletic, and academic- for one's kids. It often exposes the petty small-minded nature of one's relatives; a nature one grows up hoping is not contaminating one's own gene pool.

On the other hand it is an absurd way of performing the absurd ritual needed to leave an absurd Church based on absurd ideas.  A Theater of the Absurd made real.

I like the idea of a mass resignation.

Make it a party.

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