Monday, February 10, 2014

Crusaders for Homophobia

Homophobia. You are doing it wrong.

Many “Liberals” might tell you that there is no way of doing homophobia correctly.

Fellow “Conservatives” know better. Look at former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals and famous Homophobe Ted Haggard. He essentially authored what should be rule number one for homophobes:

1) Do not get caught with a male escort, even if your relationship has lasted years and you do methamphetamine with him during sex.

The subtext to the Haggard Rule is clear. People are going to have a hard time taking you seriously as a homophobe if you are participating in homosexual sex. People are not going to believe that it was “research”. People are not going to believe that you were “framed” (sorry Congressman Larry Craig R-Idaho). It is surprising the number of homophobes who will not follow this simple rule.

So surprising is it that it is conceivable that the homosexuals, or “gays” as they sometimes like to be called, may have some sort of secret technology that is being used on unsuspecting homophobes. What if gays could turn innocent homophobes gay? Such a technology might cause permanent damage to homophobic America.

Every once in a while I go out onto the internets on maintenance missions. Surprising as it may sound there are actually people on the internets who are actually wrong about some things. Every once in a while I venture forth to set these people straight, and help create a better tomorrow.

On one such maintenance mission on the FaceBook internets I came across the following “status”:

Progressives (Communists) for years have worked tirelessly to blur the lines of morality, case in point, breast cancer awareness, boys and men wearing pink, the left says "its not harmful, its for a good cause" I say its a Trojan horse with vile intent.- HC

Could this protector of homophobia have discovered a gay anti-homophobe technology? He provided more explanation in the second comment:

HC- its a girl color, its associated with girls, you may not have noticed but breast cancer recieves the most attention out of all the cancers and yet its not even close to being the highest cancer, this cancer has been spotlighted and sexualized for a reason, you dont think its strange that its the only cancer that gets 100% media coverage, its highlighted every year in the nfl and other media, its intended to make homosexuality much easier to accept.

Are there other colors used in this technology? What about proper capitalization, or use of the apostrophe?

HC- i never said anything about blue jeans, blue is a gender nuetral color where pink has always been exclusively feminine, why cross that traditional boundary? its simply to make faggotry more acceptable, we may have had breast cancer in our family but the fact is that testicular cancer and colon cancer far out pace breast cancer and yet they choose to highlight breast cancer with pink as their flagship color.

I needed to jump in. Had this Homophobe Crusader (HC) discovered a technology that could eventually turn the world gay? Was HC himself now gay after seeing athletic men wearing pink?

AOA- Actually HC [Homophobe Crusader] Breast cancer is the leading diagnosed cancer in women. It is diagnosed in women at a rate more than twice that of the next most common cancer (lung). Early diagnosis, driven in great measure by publicity campaigns, has increased the survival rates for breast cancer dramatically. So the wearing of pink has done real measurable good. Why do you see homosexuality in a successful campaign to protect women by focusing on their breasts? I personally like to think about breasts when I think about breast cancer, but I am immature like that sometimes. You, on the other hand, think about men having sex with men. I think you doth protest too much.

HC- Not complaining AOA, just expressing an opinion.

AOA- Of course you are HC. It's just that when you opinion is that there is a huge multinational conspiracy to make you think about men having sex with one another my immediate reaction is not to think that you are somehow more connected with conspiracy dynamics than most people.

HC’s relative - Not to change the subject but I heard that we're supposed to wear red tomorrow for National Heart Day. How is that any different?

HC- Red is traditionally male and female.....but seriously why are you so worried about wearing what people tell you to wear? You dont see that as Pavlovian training?

Some of you are noticing that HC can use capitalization when he wants to. Perhaps it is just the apostrophe…. Or is it CHEMICAL WARFARE?

HC’s relative - No. I see it as a campaign to foster awareness about serious health issues.

HC- Horse sh*t, these people make millions on these disease oriented fund raiser, awarness raising programs, they dont give a shit if people die, the only reason we have a breast cancer epidemic is because people use anti perspirants, anti perspirants make it hard for toxins to leave the body.

AOA- So the anti-prespirant makers are trying to make people gay along with the NFL? This conspiracy is worse than I thought.

HC- I think you would be hard pressed to sincerely make the statement that there isnt a push to make homosexuality more acceptable to society.

AOA- I think the question here is if having people wear pink for breast cancer awareness is a conspiracy to make more men like you picture men having sex with other men. Of course there is a push to make homosexuality more acceptable to society. It is largely run by public action groups. Groups with names like "We want to make homosexuality more acceptable to society". You have uncovered a Trojan horse conspiracy that is much more interesting. I think you should provide more details.

HC- The difference here AOA is you do not perceive homosexuality as a danger to our society, I do, you assume homophobia on my part when in fact I do not have said phobia, I interact closely with homosexuals quite often and do not have an issue with them, I do know that rampant, unchecked immoral behavior destroys society's. As for your conspiracy dismissal I would say that is all that is....knowing something exists and dismissing it because its easier than acknowledging the truth, its only a conspiracy if it comes from my side of the fence correct?

AOA- So you are only afraid that uncontrolled homosexuality will destroy society, and so you are not homophobic?

HC- Absolutely AOA, you use the fear paint brush as liberals always do, I do not fear a mouse bite but I do fear an infestation of mice not because they will attack me in force but because the infestation brings disease and ruin of all things.

AOA- I wanted to know more about this Trojan horse you have uncovered. Was it just your idea, or did a bunch of similarly not-homophobic men come up with this idea while sitting around in a circle or something? How is the Trojan horse supposed to work?

HC- Gosh AOA you are an educated man, hell you went to college and now you want your humble servant to explain the trojan must have attended

AOA - Not what a "Trojan horse" is in the general sense, but how this one you and your friends discovered is supposed to work. Is wearing pink supposed to increase the number of homosexuals or increase the homosexual activity in the homosexuals who are already around?

HC- Roe v wade was a progessive trojan horse, it was a fraudulent case brought before the supreme court to open the way for legal abortion, the scopes trial was also a staged "trojan horse" event, conspired by a group of liberals to push christianity out of schools.

AOA- So you have no idea what this Trojan horse is supposed to do. You just have been seeing men dressed in pink and thought of homosexuality.

AOA- HOW do you imagine this Trojan horse working? Will there be an increase in the number of homosexuals or an increase in the homosexual behavior by the homosexuals we have now?

HC- I see, the progressive agenda has for many years used the school system as indoctrination centers for our youth using behavioural adjustment techniques such as making male behavior less male and more gender nuetral, great example is taking a color that has traditionally always been associated with the female gender and sending a message that "its ok to cross gender lines" there is another push in the school systems to penalize students who refer to other students by gender, in California there is a law suit that is trying to clear the way for "trangender" kindergarten age children to decide which bathroom they use regardless of actual gender, this activity has been used to break down the moral fabric of our youth thereby breaking the bonds of traditional moral behavior.

AOA- So, what you are saying is that males, especially young boys, will see NFL players wearing pink and want to have sex with other males.

HC- If thats your myopic view steve then yes! The lines are being blurred just to bring in immorality, any immorality.

AOA- So NFL players wearing pink could cause other types of of immorality? ... other than just more men having sex with men?

At this point HC brings in some additional crusaders. I am hoping they can provide details.

HC2 - Using the exit carries a price ultimately. The social diddlers can say what they will but the reality is , when you open the sewer lid and dip vital bodily parts into it , often there are those things called consequences.

AOA - And what do you think the consequences are of NFL players wearing pink?

HC3 - Other than making them sissy boys and Castro street boys, I guess nothing. LOL!

AOA- So wearing pink will turn the NFL players gay?

HC3- God made it smelly down there for a reason....

AOA- So what you're saying is that NFL players who are focused on women's health and breasts will turn gay because you see them wearing pink and think about men having sex with men.

HC3- Pink, who knows, but like the rainbow it shows sympathy and association to a known group of deviants.

HC2- It's gay culture entering the mainstream is what it is. Using the NFL as its' test ground. It seems innocuous and you don't hardly notice what is being done in front of you. It is a subtle form of insertion of counter culture.

At this stage the reinforcements falter. They act as if they have read the status which generated this discussion for the first time. They are momentarily apologetic.

HC3 - You didn't indicate that it was worn for breast cancer...different story.

HC2 - If you are wearing it for Breast cancer , that's one thing. But if it is otherwise it is an assault on masculinity.

I offer an olive branch to help achieve internet harmony. Kumbaya.

AOA - Many heterosexual people do not see people supporting breast cancer awareness and think of men having sex with men. I have been told that many gay people think about men having sex with men for a variety of reasons. I suppose I think about having sex with women for all sorts of reasons that don't make sense, so I'm willing to be accepting of your desire to see men having sex with men based on the color of someone's clothing.

They refuse the peace offering, and soldier on.

HC3- What it does show is an intrusion of the "sheocracy" on a masculine sport, there are other venues that are more appropriate for breast cancer awareness.

HC2- AOA, why can't they use another venue. Why do they require that they use this in a masculine setting ?

HC3- Well, then why use the NFL to promote this, where was the prostate cancer awareness?

AOA- I guess some people think about breasts when they think about breast cancer awareness and some people like you guys think about men having sex with men. Of course I also think more about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders when I think about the Dallas Cowboys but I'm immature that way.

HC2- No but pink is feminine AOA. The NFL games is just a piss poor place to put that type of thing.

AOA- I think the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are rather feminine also.

HC3- Right, but they are not players nor was Dallas in the Superbowl this time around.

AOA- Now back to the question at hand. When you guys see men in pink do you feel more homosexual? If your theory is to be considered with any degree of validity there should be experiential data to back it up.

HC- As I was watching the nfl chanel this past week they ran a spot showing a pop warner team ten year olds running out on the field wearing pink jerseys and matcing wrist bands, you cant tell me that they arent trying to insinuate homosexuality onto these boys, wouldnt testicular cancer be the appropriate awarness guidon? We are not talking about wrist bands here, hell we arent even as talking about the top killer cancer, why isnt mens cancer addressed this way?

AOA- Testicular Cancer even has a mascot. "Senhor Testiculo"

HC3- Now that would be funny to have him run around the field during half time! BWAHAHAHALALAHHA!!!

AOA- We are talking about this because awareness programs have been causally linked to better survival rates for THE TOP diagnosed cancer in women. We are talking about it because you insist that seeing men in pink drives other men wild with homosexual lust. Is it just a wardrobe sensibility for you all? How did you react when all the Chevy Nascar teams painted their numbers pink for cancer awareness in 2011?

AOA- Of course in 2012 Austin Dillon painted his entire car except the number pink for breast cancer awareness, and he got a pink fire-suit to go with it. Still wore the black stetson though.

HC3- An exception not the rule by miles. Pink in general is always going to be a femine color, no matter how you want it to be mainstream for men, well at least those that are not light on their loafers.

AOA- You must have missed where I pointed out that EVERY Chevy Nascar team painted parts of their cars pink for breast cancer awareness two years in a row!

HC3- Your skull must be very thick because I indicated it is an exception, wishing it to be something other than a female color is part of a sheocracy and turd burgler agenda.

AOA- Did I say two years... well that was just the numbers. Last year most of the racers painted their entire cars.

HC3- Personally, NASCAR like the NFL is not the place to promote it and especially that way. Looks very very G_A_Y. Showing me more photos doesn't make it change.

HC- Promoting the pink "I'ts alright to slip your buddy the high hard one" guidon in mens sports is brain washing, the fact that these racing teams are participating in it simply shows bad judgment that they may regret laterx slapping the homophobia label on men who dont agree with it is as lame as calling people who disagree with obama racist.....its cheap and wreaks of desperation.

AOA- You keep on bringing up homophobia. The homophobic attitudes of you and your buddies is so comically over-the-top that it suggests something else entirely. Men who insist on thinking about men making love to other men when they see some men trying to draw attention to women's breasts are only doing so because they want to.

Then a self-identifying female with an attractive profile picture chimes in.  Since most self-identifying females with attractive profile pictures on the internets are actually middle-aged men I will refer to "her" as SIF, for Self-Identifying Female.

SIF - Well im wearing blue today i hope noone gets offended lmao.

HC is not amused, sand snips at her in a series of comments that were quickly deleted.

AOA- Apparently, according to Scott's fabulous fashion sense, blue is a gender neutral color. I, on the other hand, would like to image that whatever blue outfit you are wearing is, in fact, very gender synergistic.

SIF snips back. She self-identifies as bisexual, and directly calls into questions HC’s libido by suggesting that the will be engaging the attentions of women at a rate far exceeding HC’s ability. HC snips back. All these comments are also deleted.

AOA- SIF's gone farther to proving your point than anyone on this thread. First she talks about how she's wearing blue. As a corollary to how you imagined men having sex with men when men wear pink she mentions how she is wearing We should be imagining women having sex with other women. Impotent as we are we (at least i) don't pick up on it, so she has to come back and make specific reference to how she is getting female sexual attention... Perhaps at this very moment. She has certainly sent my thoughts on a trip over the rainbow.

HC- AOA, if you think SIF made any kind of point in your favor or her favor then you are grasping at straws, im also not sure why you are so obsessed with this idea of two guys having sex AOA but thats your issue, as for SIF speaking of the way I dress all I gotta say is darlin' 1984 called and it wants you to stop wearing its sh*t!

AOA- OK HC. If you are afraid of the subject which you posted about that is OK. You should really own your own fears rather than so weakly attempt to sublimate them onto others.

HC3- AOA: You are a homo supporter and apologist, so have at it, support people that live a deviant lifestyle, I mean you could even get some pink trousers that open with a flap in the back to really give yourself to them and their cause. SICKENING!

HC- Thank you HC3, I had to delete SIFs comments as they were vulgar and childish, it got ugly for a minute there but I unfriended her and things got better looking after

HC goes on to post another status explaining his position on attractive women:

“So much for civil conversation in fact so much for intelligent discourse on facebook, if you are going to be vulgar, disrespectful and obtuse im just going to delete you, as for that certain angry woman, im sorry that life made you a full-time waitress, it must be hard to be 50 years old and still earning $2.14 waitressing part time during the day and then blowing old drunks for drinks at night, dont take that out on me just because I wouldnt ask you see I only f#ck pretty women.....sorry!” -- HC

HC- SIF, you didnt challenge me or my opinion at all, the only thing you did was act like a drunk hyena in a bar, absolutely no relevance to the conversation just hysterical name calling, in fact I showed a couple of my lesbian friends your tirade and they were ashamed that someone who claimed to be gay/bisexual would represent themselves that way.

HC provides more details of his “Lesbian Connection” in a separate status:

“I wrote a post few days ago concerning an activity that I perceive to be pushing the gay agenda, a couple whack jobs commented on it and insinuated homophobia on my part, as luck would have it I ended up working with not one but two lesbians, I told them what I had written and what the reactions to it had been, I showed them one womans bisexual outburst against me and they were disgusted and said that they were embarrassed to have someone represent their lifestyle the way this woman did, one of my lesbian coworkers said this to me "HC, I know what your political and religious beliefs are, you've never hidden that but you have never treated me any different than anyone else, ive never felt uncomfortable around you and you've always treated me with respect" its funny how things work out in life, this one woman in particular and I had a very personal dialogue all day long, apparently she was so comfortable with me that she was able to confide Many intimate and personal things to me.” -- HC

Then, for some unknown reason, HC allows SIF to have the last word, and then there is nothing left to say…

SIF- Lmao. Ha ha really thats funny you have friends.. you are just a virus put here for the rest of us to learn from. And nothing more. Namaste...


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should send HC a case of KY jelly

Anonymous said...

Just stating the obvious: If the NFL were promoting gay rights wouldn't their jerseys be rainbow? I hope one day to see this. As for men (and women) wearing pink to promote awareness of breast cancer, many of them feel very strongly about it because they've been care-givers to wives, mothers, and daughters fighting the fight. A lot of us lose after a long hard battle. Wearing pink helps push early detection practices that have allowed countless women to catch the disease in early stages and survive to live another day with the people who love them.

Anonymous said...

In my head, I read HC's comments with a southern accent...