Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Women with the Dog's Eyes" is also a great name for a band

"As I lay dying, the woman with the dog's eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades." - “The Odyssey book XI” Homer

I’ve checked out the band called “As I Lay Dying” since they took their name from Faulkner’s novel; I was disappointed to find out that they were a Christian METALCORE band, and not a Faulknerian metal band. Just imagine how awesome William Faulkner’s work would be if interpreted through the medium of heavy metal music. “Awesome” is the correct adjective in this case as the band also hails from San Diego.

The band’s lyrics talk a whole bunch about death and pain and slavery. Here is a sampler:

If this is what it takes
To bring me to my knees
Then feed me pain until
I realize I am but a slave
Remind me of my need for You
Remind me of who I am
-- “Forced to Die” As I lay Dying from the 2001 album "Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes"

The on the knees and slave stuff is apparently a subtle homage to their dysfunctional relationship with Jesus. However, the band made a decision to “stay silent on the spiritual topic” (Tim Lambesis 2013) around the same time they were nominated for a Grammy (2008 for Best Metal Performance for the song "Nothing Left"). Gone were the knees, and salvation, and preaching at concerts, but the dysfunction was still there. Really ... what is METALCORE without dysfunction?

I'm caught between the feeling
Of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell
And if these are the only options
This will always be Hell
Never ending
Though I still may be breathing
There is no quality of life
So I choose to risk it all for you
For you to be by my side
-- “Cauterize” As I lay Dying from the 2012 album "Awakened"

Apparently Tim let his dysfunction seep out of his music and messy-up his real life. In September of last year he separated from his wife, and yesterday he was arrested for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill her.

I wonder if Tim’s estranged wife has “Dog’s Eyes”?

Unfortunately they were not able to name their band "The Sound and the Fury" as that name had been taken by a Canadian Hip-Hop band about the same time that Tim started "As I Lay Dying".

"A Light in August" is a "post-hardcore" band from Lodi, California.

Apparently both "Absalom" and "Absalom Absalom" are band names.

Bands are not only using Faulkner's novels.  His short stories are also being used to name bands.  "A Rose for Emily" is the name of another Christian heavy METAL band. 

Who would have thought that the titles from William Faulkner's works would be so popular as rock band titles?

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