Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trump Card

I received two interesting pieces of mail today.  Interesting in a “road kill" way. I want to know what is really meant by these tidbits before their advanced state of decay has made them almost unidentifiable. The first of these was from Donald Trump, and came to me electronically.

For several days Trump had been promising to release a “bombshell” today.  I read through his announcement, and never felt the dynamite go “boom”. The announcement turned out to be a proposal. 

"If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and passport application and records, I will give to a charity of his choice, a check immediately for $5 million." – Donald Trump

So..what are these records that the Donald says POTUS must release? The list is not specific. The only specific thing is the offer for a donation of $5 million. The Donald mentions his request for a long form birth certificate from the POTUS, and how he takes credit for the release of that document; though he does cast doubts on its authenticity in today’s records request by calling it “whatever it was that he released”.

“Many Americans have serious questions – questions that should not be part of the presidential dialogue” – Donald Trump

The Donald is not specific about what questions would be addressed with the records release or whether anyone of sound mind is asking them. This is not the kind of ambiguity that I like. Without a comprehensive viable list of what records are needed, what questions need to be answered, or what acceptable authenticity tests would be it is impossible for anyone to reasonably fulfill the terms of the Donald’s bargain.

The most probable set of questions that the Donald is concerned with are the “Birther” questions. Prove that POTUS was born in the USA.

I actually love the Birther questions because they require that the following be true:

A single mother ready to give birth to her first child decided that she would rather travel almost 11,000 miles to Kenya; this despite the lack of medical facilities and family she had access to in Hawaii. She purchase a round-trip ticket to Kenya with her limited funds despite the looming expenses of a new baby. Without a passport she flew to Kenya without being stopped at any border; the plane had to refuel at least twice on the way, but there were no inspections that caught her. She met with people at the airport who drove her away from the barely adequate medical facilities in Nairobi to a mud-floored hut some many kilometers away. There she secretly gave birth before being whisked back to Hawaii in a reverse of the impossible events that had brought her to Kenya.

Meanwhile, back in the states, the single Mom’s operatives planted a birth announcement in the local newspaper, but forgot to forge a birth certificate. Over the years the young boy born secretly in Kenya would accidentally declare that he was born in a different country in order to secure scholarships and school admissions. Money and admissions that apparently the omnipotent conspirators could not come up with otherwise.  The young man is able to switch from being a Kenyan national to an American-born citizen at will; no questions are asked.

Realizing that their ruse might be bad for the now fully-grown boy from Kenya the now dead single mother’s still-surviving operatives forge a birth certificate, but they neglect to forge the right kind; they also overlook all those times the young man had used his status as a foreign-born individual to get special treatment.

What type of person believes this is possible? I don’t really know. One thing is certain though; that Mitt Romney does not stand a chance of getting elected without them. No matter how ignorant the propagation of these fantasies are a required portion of Mitt Romney’s election strategy.

As I mentioned earlier, the Donald does not go into detail about what he hopes to find in his $5 million-dollars-worth of records. The Donald describes his request as a general search for transparency in the office of the POTUS.

“Their president will become transparent like other presidents” – Donald Trump

But we have not seen transparency in this election from the other candidate for president. I cannot think of any other major-party candidate for president who has not released many years of tax returns when prompted. Mitt Romney’s own father released many years of records when he was running for GOP nomination in 1968. Mitt has become the GOP nominee, and still has not released his tax returns.

We do not know what the unspecified “records” from the POTUS might reveal, and the only competing theories are fantastically ignorant. However, the tax returns of Mitt Romney could reveal some very mundane nefarious activities.

Harry Reid suggests that they show Mitt did not pay taxes some years. Mitt himself said that people should be wary of someone who pays more taxes than they should; I guess it would be a sign of a conniving or soft mind. Strangely enough one of the two tax returns that Mitt did release shows that he did pay more taxes than he needed to in 2011. It looked like he was trying to pay at least 14% as he had advertised. Mitt is sensitive to the charge that he did not pay taxes, and so his refusal to release the tax returns suggests that there could be some level of accuracy to Harry’s accusations.

Mitt’s returns could show other dubious activities. It could show that the Mormon church gave him a break in tithing (Mitt tithes millions of dollars each year) if he funneled that money into political activities instead. Did Mitt act like a money-laundering political activist for the Mormon church? What did ne support for the church? Specific candidates? Prop 8 in CA?

Did Mitt not fully tithe, and yet retain his temple recommend? A member must fully tithe in order to be eligible for a temple recommend. As I have pointed out several times before the loss of a temple recommend removes many of the blessings the church bestows on its members. It can even open the door for treatment by the church that would be illegal if the Mormon Church was a secular entity. The tax returns would show if he had lied on his temple recommend interview. If he had could fully tithing members of the Mormon Church support him?

The tax returns could also show that Mitt’s business dealings were not as he described. This could open him up to legal trouble, but it more likely would expose several areas where he has stretched the truth about his business dealings.

Whatever the tax returns hide it is likely issues that the Romney campaign has decided would turn voters off to the idea of voting for him.

There is no similarity between these two requests. They differ in scope and definition. Comparing these two requests is tantamount to comparing the mystical properties of unicorn dung to the stench of an overused litter box.

Let’s take care of the crap that's real.


Anonymous said...

So what was the other piece of mail?

adult onset atheist said...

Strange that you should ask. I just posted on the other piece of mail. It was Decision magazine. I hope you check out what I had to say about it, and thanks for reading my blog.