Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Leftovers

One hundred and sixty five years ago today, on December 26th 1846, a pioneer named Patrick Dolan stripped off his clothes and danced around naked in some fresh Sierra Nevada snow.  After running through the woods for an undocumented length of time he returned to his friends’ party and died.  His friends were hungry so they ate him.  In this way the most famous story of Christmas leftovers in the American West became legend.


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Joe Pomykala said...

Patrick Dolan maybe was not that crazy dancing naked in the blizzard, but say was more altruistic in self sacrifice to save his piers, says,
"After two more days without food, Patrick Dolan proposed that one of them should volunteer to die, to feed the others. Some suggested a duel, while another account describes an attempt to create a lottery to choose a member to sacrifice. Eddy suggested they keep moving until someone simply fell, but a blizzard forced the group to halt."