Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spaghetti Western

Eight hundred and twenty years ago today, June 10th 1190, Fredrick I “Barbarossa” slipped while bathing in the Goksu river. He was carried away by the current and drowned. Centuries later Willie Nelson would play a character named Barbarossa in a low-budget western using a script that neglected to even mention the Holy Roman Emperor of the same name.

In the 1982 movie named after the Holly roman emperor, Luis Contreras (Playing a character called “Angel” and who would later play a character named "Jesus" in the 1983 movie “Walking the Edge”) is buried by Willie Nelson up to his neck and surrounded by the severed heads of several of his victims. One could relate this scene to the converse situation that the crusaders camped by the river Goksu on June 10th 1190 found themselves in upon the untimely drowning of their “head” person. The Crusaders were attacked from all sides by Turkish armies. The headless body of Barbarossa’s army was slaughtered, only 5,000 or so escaping to crusade another day.

Eventually the Willie Nelson Barbarossa is killed after being stabbed in the gut by a sharpened crucifix.

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