Thursday, March 4, 2010

hard core

Returning to Utah it is obvious that the days have been warm. Warm enough to melt the snow almost completely off the south facing slopes of the lower peaks. Snow still coats the north slopes obliterating simple features with an overexposure of white. The hills look less like the south slopes have been scrubbed free of snow by the sun and more like the north slopes have been scrubbed clean of all features and colors by some great cosmic abrasive. Like there is a hard alabaster core that the world is decorated on, and the high points are wearing off to reveal it.

Spring in Utah can be testy. Little disturbances send it running for cover. Trees will bud just to discover a hard frost. A warm still afternoon baked in sun will be bookended by freezing rain and fog. Sometimes it gets windy too.

If I write too accurately about the wind few who have not experienced it will believe me. Wind alone does not snap telephone poles. Wind that rips roves off of houses has a name like “hurricane” or “tornado” not “spring breeze”. It is difficult to describe the wind in a central Utah spring accurately.

I was rained out this past weekend. The start of “the season” will have to wait for the seasons to catch up to it. I was torn until the eve of departure. I could not bring myself to pay good money and drive for hours into a 70% chance of rain. Not when the heater at home still worked and I had paid the gas bill.

Some people did the ride.  They were rained on and blown by wind.  I heard rumors of snow. 

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