Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vibram fivefingers

After reading “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall I immediately set about obtaining some Vibram Fivefinger (VFF) shoes. [I also set about getting a large amount of Chia seeds but they are still in the mail.] In McDougall’s book these minimalist shoes are championed by Barefoot Ted; a character with more energy than sense, who is neither the fastest nor most likable individual described in the book. Ted, however, resonates with many folks and I think I may be in one of the harmonic subgroups.

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The basic idea that I culled from the information about running in the VFF is that the lack of “support” forces a mid-foot strike. I have been trying to develop a better mid-foot strike after reading Danny Dreyer and Christopher Bergland. After running ten feet in the VFF I had an almost perfect mid-foot strike. I also experienced pleasurable feedback from the road surface. I found myself seeking out gravely areas to feel the massage like quality of the gravel underfoot. These have become my go-to training shoes.

Of course I have only run about 8.5 miles in the VFF and strange things could happen. Every once in a while I would run over a large (>1.5inch) rock sitting on the road surface and experience a somewhat painful jab. Perhaps some injury producing jab is in their not too distant future? I got the KSO VFF which do not afford much thermal protection. I purchased some Injinji socks to extend the VFF’s useful season but it will probably get too cold for using these shoes in the coming weeks.

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