Thursday, May 29, 2014


“See. Look at how Fabulous I look” -- Elliot Rodger 2014

The wake of the killing rampage by the Mad Virgin Killer (Elliot Rodger) is washing up the same paranoia as all recent mass shootings appear to. Within hours the details were being decried as fabricated. Grieving parents were identified as actors, and the whole thing dismissed as some great big hoax; the purpose of which is to take away people’s guns.

“your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights” - Samuel “Joe the Plummer” Wurzelbacher

Significantly less crazy, and somewhat less reprehensible, the gun control spin-masters have framed the MVK’s killing spree as a mass shooting. Telling phrases like “Seven killed and more than a dozen injured by Gunman in Isla Vista” or “Seven killed and over a dozen wounded in Isla Vista shooting spree”. This is deliberately misleading as half of the victims (other than MVK’s suicide) were killed with claw hammer and/or machete, and many of the injured were people run down by MVK with his BMW. Part of this misdirection was likely do to chaos reporting as the story broke, but the following day responsible figures were apparently giving misleading quotes despite the fact that they must have known the contextual error in what they said.

“Seven people, including the gunman, were killed and seven others wounded in the May 23 mass shooting” -- Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown 24 May 2014

The current story of the killings suggests that first three victims of the MVK were lured one-by-one into his apartment where they were savagely attacked with claw hammer and/or machete. The intimate nature of those killings contrasts with that of a drive-by shooting. MVK had to look into the eyes of his first victims and lie to them. Then he felt the exertion of hacking away at them. He witnessed the huge wounds his crude weapons caused; watched the agony as they died. Then he went and did it again, and again. When he ran out of available male victims he went out and shot some folks. In a drive by shooting the victim is often out of reach, the expression on their eyes may be hidden, they are left to die alone. Shooting someone may be a much more effective way of killing someone, but it is much less personal.

It is easy to glean the misogynistic message from MVK’s YouTube videos; it would be hard to miss it on purpose. The message resonates to the words of MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) and PUAs (Pick Up Artists); these are mostly on-line groups with rather distasteful misogynistic messages. MVK goes on about how beautiful blonde women ignore his attentions. He provides very little additional description of them; they are mostly just blonde and beautiful. He even goes to a specific sorority that housed a concentration of blonde and beautiful women who spurned him, but the two women he guns down when he gets there were actually women visiting from another sorority, and neither of them was really blonde. He dispatched them as impersonally as he could, and then ran off to gun down a guy, shoot randomly at pedestrians, and then run down a couple guys on bikes with his expensive car. For someone whose misogynistic rage was driving him to massacre women he spent a lot of energy killing males in intimate ways, and the women he did target he killed impersonally without noticing the details he had suggested were of importance to him.

MVK missed a lot of details about women. Firstly he was surprised that women did not pay attention to him. This is staggeringly bizarre, sure the personal rejections sting a bit, but there are over 3.5 billion women on the planet, and statistically so few of them will even know some particular male exists that the probability of being noticed is essentially zero. To be more specific; if you are wildly popular enough to have a dozen women display sexual attraction to you in a year then the probability of any particular woman on the planet displaying sexual attraction to you is 0.000000002, which is zero on most calculators. Hitting the Powerball lottery has better odds. He spoke as someone who  had a divine right to such rare attentions rather than someone who could appreciate them.

MVK also spoke about beautiful women as if they were a rarity. Most heterosexual men discover early on that most women are beautiful. This is a biological fact that has helped our species be as successful as it is. The notion of beautiful women as a class distinct from most women is a notion created for the consumption of women consumers by advertisers and fashion designers, and the stereotypical fashion designer is a gay male for this reason. MVK did not speak like a male who really desired women. He did not obsess over the specific details that might make any potential mate particularly attractive. The only person he repeatedly described as exceptional, or “magnificent”, was himself; a male.

Perhaps if MVK had come out of his closet he would have discovered that the world is a better place than he imagined it to be. Perhaps by embracing himself, and other similarly inclined males, he would have contributed to the amount of love in the world rather than silencing the loving voices of his victims.

It is likely that MVK’s repressed homosexuality frames the only worthwhile enduring lesson to be learned from this sequence of senseless tragedies. I for one will not be able to hear another empty PUA boast or MRA whine without catching the echoing cries of a closeted homosexual. We must teach them that their lack of attraction to women does not have to be disgust transparently camouflaged by misogyny.