Monday, December 23, 2013

Gay Marriages in Utah

So Utah has been issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This came a surprise to more people than just me.

My current favorite of the complaints about Judge Shelby’s ruling is that it was made “Before Christmas”. I like this because the only part of the year that is not before Christmas is that week between Christmas and New Years when almost nothing gets done.

Several counties are refusing to issue marriage licenses. Tooele county is issuing licenses, but there has not been the rush of same-sex couple applicants that some other counties have seen. I was told that Box Elder County posted two sheriffs at the county office in case anyone should come and try to apply for a license; nobody did. They may have gotten confused about what the term “shotgun wedding” referred to.

I thought I had enough of weddings after my ex told me that she married her “new” man less than half a dozen weeks after our divorce was final. Then friends I knew as safely single by Utah legal statute leaked photos of themselves kissing outside some county clerk’s office. They look so happy I want to start using the term “gay marriage” again. It sounds happier than the naked word "marriage" does to me.

I don’t think anyone with a smidgen of sensitivity will ever use the term “gay divorce” except to produce an ironic mood.

The complaints that I dislike most are ones I’ve heard more of: that the country is decaying, that moral have dissolved, that somehow the ability to get married is more destructive than the decision to prevent same-sex couples from legally getting married. These complaints are just getting old. The stupid in them is rancid.

To all my friends and acquaintances who have recently gotten married I would like you to know that, despite my hard-won cynicism, I wish you all the joy in the world.


Allen B. Carter said...
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Allen B. Carter said...

Well stated, my friend. Very well stated!