Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home Teaching

The following post contains various conflicting elements of perhaps poorly-reported testimony, and none of it should be taken as representing independently validated fact.

Last August (the 2nd) LDS Branch President Efrey Guzman (age 46) knocked on the door of a Millcreek Utah home. It is not uncommon for members of the LDS faith to knock on doors. In addition to the missionaries there are home teachers, and the somewhat regular random fund drive. Perhaps Efrey was acting as a home teacher as he may have had an interesting lesson he wanted to impress upon the occupants of the home.

The occupants of the home apparently knew Efrey by the name of “Frank”. The last time the woman whose house it was, or her 20-year-old son, had seen Frank he was fondling the then 12-year-old daughter in the living room. I assume the mother was attempting to explain that her failure to report the fondling incident was not an invitation to return to the home for additional heavy petting sessions with her daughter when Efrey forced his way into their home while screaming the daughter’s name.

A LDS branch is an organization that is smaller than a ward, or which is organized around the specific identifying features of its members which would not in-and-of themselves prevent the members from participating in the regular district authority structure. When branches get large enough they often become a ward, and the leader is then referred to as a Bishop. Efrey was president of a Spanish-language branch in Sandy Utah. Sandy is a few miles to the south of Millcreek.

Once inside the home Efrey(allegedly) placed his hand over the Mother’s mouth, tore open her blouse, grabbed her breast, and began undoing his pants.

Interestingly the Woman had recently moved into her home because it was a nice crime-free neighborhood. The house was about a half a block down the street from the state headquarters of the Girl Scouts.

Unlike their close ties to the Boy Scouts the LDS church has very little involvement with the Girl Scouts. Maintenance of this distance is facilitated by competition for the attention of young women between the LDS “Young Women’s group” and the Girl Scouts. In some wards the distance is filled with vitriol. Sometimes it is blamed on the refusal of the Girl Scouts of America to unanimously denounce planned parenthood, sometimes it is attributed to the Girl Scout’s stance on allowing lesbians to participate, and often it is attributed to the relative importance of boys and girls in the structure of the LDS church. I don’t think there are any official pronouncements on this, but there are so few pronouncements by the LDS church on those things that affect the lives of its members.

One of the major scriptural reasons given for the lack of interest the LDS church has for the Girl Scouts is that they allow atheists into its ranks. This prevents the Scout organization from replacing the Young Women’s Group as it does not cover goal#1: “to help each girl become personally converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ"

It was perhaps a mirror to the relative importance of boys and girls in the Church in which he had such an important calling, but shortly after the 20-year-old son entered the room with two adults in various stages of undress Efrey turned all his attention to the boy.

Somehow, and the descriptions of the alleged incident do not make this clear, through a process of jumping and biting and arms and legs and stomachs, Efrey’s mouth found its way to the young man’s penis. He bit and tugged, and nearly severed it; extensive reconstructive surgery was required.

In front of a Judge yesterday the three victims’ stories have matched up well enough for Efrey to stand trial. He has been in Salt Lake County lockup on $100,000.00 bail since August 8th.

Efrey was delivered to lockup covered in severe bite-marks, and complaining about being held hostage by the family of (allegedly) amateur cannibals who savaged him as he was trying to break free.

Additional testimony suggests that Efrey did not arrive at the home unannounced, and that he had been flagged down by the grandmother of the wounded boy, the girl, and a neighbor who knew him. The girl ran away and started screaming from her house for help. The neighbor then asked Efrey to go to the house and help.

Efrey’s story was apparently shy on details about how the boy received his wound to his little Efrey.


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