Friday, September 11, 2009

Wheeler peak pictures

I recently found some pictures I took from wheeler peak in Nevada's Great Basin National park.  I started this particular blog to blend philosophical with mundane and I have since found little motivation to write philosophically.  Since I have not even finished accepting the ongoing first defining purpose post it makes this blog a bore to read.

There is an irony in a blog called "adult onset atheist" that is entirely blank.  

So I thought I would put up some of the more mundane.  So I would at least have something to look at.

I made a panorama using Hugin with some of my pictures from the peak proper. I'm trying to use the IFRAME html tag to produce a low-tech panning window in this page.

It looks like it is working now.  In some browsers there is an auto-zoom feature that will make the picture "fit" in the frame and look very small.  You have to click on the picture for it to fill the frame and produce the desired effect.

Of course it probably does not even work in some browsers.

Most of my problems appeared to be in choosing the source for the picture.  I think I had chosen a virtual page for the picture that was simply a re-direct to the actual picture information.  When the browser tried to load it as a source it simply redirected the entire page to another location.

One of the great features of Great Basin National Park Is the paved road to the highest elevation campground in the NPS system.  I had to ride my roadbike up it.  a dozen or so miles of 8-10% grades puts it slightly out of my comfort zone, it was terrific.

There are ice-cold streams at the top.  Here I am after jumping in to one and while still deciding if I will have a heart attack or not.

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